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Zhen Jiang Hang Yan Sports Products Co., Ltd.,

  Shanghai Badminton Factory, the earliest badminton production enterprise in China, has been established and developed for 60 years.It is the creator of Aeroplane and Swallow.
  Since Aeroplane shuttlecock was produced in 1960, it has been selected to be used in many significant badminton tournaments at home and abroad.
  Swallow shuttlecock mainly of middle and low ends, and is mainly for daily training and physical exercise. The Swallow shuttlecock is produced strictly according to the quality standard which is higher than the domestic quality standard.
  To meet the needs of the development of market, Shanghai Badminton Factory jointed venture with a Hong Kong company and set up Zhen Jiang Hang Yan Sports Products Co., Ltd., which is an export enterprise that produce Aeroplane and Swallow shuttlecock.
  The domestic selling department has been restructured to establish Shanghai Yan Hang Badminton Co., Ltd., it is an exclusive agent in mainland China to sell Aeroplane shuttlecock and the Swallow shuttlecock.

  By the great efforts of Zhen Jiang Hang Yan Sports Products Co., Ltd., ,Combines traditional techniques with modern production technology, Aeroplane has became famous national brand and hot sale products all over the world.

  Aeroplane shuttlecock is approved by Badminton World Federation (B.W.F.) as the badminton used in formal international tournaments. It is also the only shuttlecock that won the silver prize in the national quality test.

  Customers in need of ordering Aeroplane and Swallow shuttlecocks for home market may sign a contract with Shanghai Yan hang Badminton Co., Ltd.; for export products, they can sign a contract with Zhen jiang Hang yan Sports Products Co., Ltd.